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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I want a white wedding gown?

First consider your skin tones and the location and aura of your special day. Brides are doing all sorts of colors and getting by with it. There are also many shades that appear "White" in photos but are much easier to wear. Some include:
Stark White
The brightest, crispest white you can find. Looks great on dark skin. (Lucky you - you can wear most any of them)

Also referred to as eggshell or candlelight. This color typically has yellow undertones, making them look creamy; A lot of bridal stores order there samples in this color because it makes a gown look more expensive.. There is however a true Cream available which is a darker color with more yellow undertones. If you have yellow tones in your skin it is best to stay away from these tones in your gown.

Diamond, Natural White
A shade between stark white and ivory. Does not usually appear creamy.Eighty percent of woman look better in a soft, diamond-white dress, it gives the illusion of white but takes away the intensity of the harsh white-white. When in doubt, buy diamond white.

Rum or Champagne
A white with pink undertones that looks nearly white in photos.

What will my dress cost?

The price of gowns is based on fabrics, workmanship and time to produce. The average cost for a custom gown is around $900 to $950. (They start at $750) If you want the price of a particular gown in our gallery please e-mail us .

What if the wedding gowns all start looking the same?

That can easily happen. Take your time!! Keep a binder of pictures of dresses you like. Write notes about each gown. What you like and don't like. Custom gowns make many options available. Categorize them from your favorites to your least favorites.

I am ready to order my custom wedding gown, what next?

You first need to set up your consultation. This is free but will require a $50. deposit if you choose us to do your gown. Incidentally this can be done over the phone or via e-mail but it is more fun in person whenever possible. contact us.

I am nervous about buying on-line.

Rightfully so. Especially something as important as your wedding gown. Rest assured we take every pre-caution in shipping your gown. It will be fully insured and tracking numbers will be e-mailed to you. You do not have to put a card over the wires. We gladly accept payment through the mail. Your name will never be given out or used for solicitation. We would love however, to have your permission to use feedback and photos for bragging writes on our site.

Why would I buy a wedding gown online?

Buying online isn't for everyone. Many brides still want to try on dresses at stores and see what styles and colors best suit them. It can be a fun and enjoyable experience. If you can visit our studio you can look at all of the fabrics. Touch them and even try on gowns.

Our clientele who buy online tend to be those brides who have very discriminating taste and know exactly what they want. They can't seem to find that perfect gown or simply refuse to pay the prices that certain stores are charging. Many have told us of very unpleasant experiences in visiting bridal stores where they were treated poorly, even demeaning, and often felt pushed into buying a certain style or make of gown that they simply didn't want. We offer clients any style of their choice (from sheath, A-line to Ball gown) and the ability to choose train length, neckline, bodice style, type of lace, embroidery, etc. We believe that no bride should settle for anything less than the wedding gown of their dreams.

I've never ordered online before. What's involved?

The process is similar to mail ordering by catalog. Once you've made your choice go to the measurement and sizing form, complete it and e-mail it to us. Always feel free to email or call us with any questions or just to order and we will explain everything to you and answer all your questions. We will not accept an order without ensuring that our client is comfortable and fully understands the process and what to expect.

How long will it take to receive my dress once it is ordered?

Ann Loraine gowns arrive in around 12 to 20 weeks. Custom designed gowns can be completed in 15 to 22 weeks.
We can sometimes accommodate rush orders (in under 12 weeks) for an additional cost depending on availability.

Can I purchase a gown over the telephone?

Yes - one of our sales reps would be delighted to call you and assist in placing your order.

Do you accept returns?

Yes we do under certain conditions. Please see our Return Policy .

Do you carry designer label gowns?

Yes, we now carry the Ann Loraine designer gowns. However, these are made upon order for you. Therefore, can be changed to make them unique to your taste. And can be made to your measurements if desired. (There is a fee for design changes and/or special sizing, after all these designs then become custom ) Contact us .

Which size should I order?

Please see our Measurements form for an explanation. We offer gowns in both standard sizes as well as in custom measured sizes.

Do you provide alterations?

Not usually on our on-line orders. We make each gown in accordance with the agreed measurements when it is ordered. Occasionally a bride may need some minor tweaking (sometimes they might gain or lose a bit of weight before their gown arrives) they usually find it easier to contact a local seamstress in their area for these minor adjustments. We build in generous inseams in all our gowns to allow for easy adjustments if needed. We will do these minor adjustments if the bride chooses to mail it back to us with specific instructions as to what needs to be done. (Be prepared to answer our call to you when the dress arrives because we will be double checking every bit of the information in an effort to get it exact.)

Who should I contact if I have further questions or concerns?

Please send us an email using the contact us page.